hi guyss i have some problem with this utorrent thing…at first i was getting i think above 50kbps and now when i reinstalled my window i m not getting above 20kbps can u help me guys plz…thanks

and ya the seeders are also more then 1000 and leechers like 800 and i get 20 or 30 kbps

Have you reset you modem?

Did you make sure you have utorrent 1.8.1 version and did you make sure you choose the correct speed guide from the option? Sounds like you need to set the correct speed guide for your connection. I know I found out when I made went through the speed guide my connections went from 3 k to 50 k. So it does make a difference if you choose the correct speed guide settings.

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well i have reseted my modem many times no use

i duno wat are u talking about can u explain to me what is speed guide and yes i have utorrent 1.8.1

You can access the Speed Guide in uTorrent by going into the Options menu and selecting “Speed Guide”.

In the screen that appears, select your upload speed from the “Connection Type:” field. If you don’t know what upload speed you get, you can find this out by running a speed test on your line, e.g. on www.speedtest.net

Select a port number to use for incoming connections. This is the most important step, since if uTorrent cannot accept incoming connections, this can seriously affect your download speed.

Finally, click the “Test if port is forwarded properly” button to make sure the incoming port working. If this fails, the website www.portforward.com gives a guide to configuring an incoming port with a wide range of routers.

Hi I have a similar sort of problem but mines with uploading. It’s mega, mega slow which of course it takes forever for my ratio to go up. I did all the speed checks etc. and this has only happened since I did that correctly (or so I think).

Before I could download and upload loads with my upload speed being quite good even though my download speed wasn’t brilliant - but since I reinstalled it my download speed is brilliant but my upload speed is practically non existant.

Do you think it might be my port and do you know which one I should be using?

Any help you can give me is very gratefully received as it’s driving me nuts.

Thank you.

well no difference dude its the same

Try TCP-IP patch, it has worked for me

well where can i get it

again install utorrent software…

You should use any port over 10,000. Uncheck UPnP, if it’s not, at options>preferences>connection. If using any firewall, even windows, make utorrent an exception in it. On a port check in speed guide, is it red or green? Enable Protocol Encryption, from one guide: Go to: Options > Preferences > BitTorrent

  1. Go to ‘Protocol encryption’, you can choose between ‘enabled’ and ‘forced’. ‘Enabled’ will give you more connections but offers less protection against traffic shapers.

I would recommend to try ‘enabled’ first, if that doesn’t increase your speeds you need to swich to ‘forced’.

  1. Ticking ‘Allow legacy incoming connections’ allows non ecrypted clients to connect to you. This improves compatibility between clients but makes you more vulnerable to traffic shapers.

I would recommend to tick this box, but if that doesn’t increase your speeds, untick it!

well i m using 65533 port my firewall is turned off and i tried all of u r instructions no use and that thing is green
now i dunno wat should i do
coz first when i installed the software my speed was more than 50kbps and that was good and now its not more than 30 kbps it takes me more than 7 hours to download a movie :frowning:

Maybe it’s time you register at utorrent.com site and ask those users there about the problem your having. They might have some other people whom could address and possibly solve your problem or not. But give that site a try as well.

If you have a green light, you should be set. Try the top download here, more peers than seeds but see’s good speed, let it run 10-15 minutes to see max speed. http://slackware.com/torrents/ shut down your ip blocker first to access it…

Utorrent dlnd and upld has can be affect by seeds and downloads…so there isn’t one solution that can fix it. If the source is low then you will get slow download that a fact or if there isn’t enough seeds it will be slow regardless of the speed setting you have. Those settings are optimin line and no noise or interferences. You can’t always be at max download or upload cause of bandwidth usages by other users as well. If your cable it’s affect by other users coming online using the same cable. If your getting green light and it working trying download at non busy time when there isn’t alot of people using the internet then you might get higher speeds.

[QUOTE=bartmole;2166104]If you have a green light, you should be set. Try the top download here, more peers than seeds but see’s good speed, let it run 10-15 minutes to see max speed. http://slackware.com/torrents/ shut down your ip blocker first to access it…[/QUOTE]

Would should fix one problem before asking the OP to download something else…

Wasn’t asking it to be fully downloaded, would have shown what kind of speed’s on known good download and whether there was another issue. Just delete after.