Hey Ive been using UTorrent for a while now. I have my Ports Forwarded. Now I have been getting download speeds of 60-85kb/s and in the last day or two it has dropped to about 15-30 kb/s. How can I fix this. And also whenever I run UT, it slows down my internet connection. When I go to the web, it feels like its on dial up. Is there a step I missed somewhere along the way?


you should limit the upload speed, right click the utorrent tray icon and goto “upload limit” and select the limit , dont limit too much , lower then your full upload speed but not too much , when all of your upload bandwidth is used it can slowdown both surfing & the downloads themself , but even with the upload speed limited it can still slowdown web surfing especially if you download several torrents at once (cuz alot of bandwidth is used between your connection to all of the seeders) , no way to avoid it but it shouldnt slowdown web surfing too much when you aint downloading several torrents at once or if the number of seeders isnt so high