Utorrent slow as ever

Hello Everybody,

I have utorrent and often download torrents but my kb/s puny.
On average i am lucky to get 7 kb/s compared to my upload speed of 33kb/s!!!

My router doesn’t have a port forwarding option and i have already open 3881~3889 but all it did was increase the upload speed!!

Plz help i am stuck

May be you dont have much seed for the torrent…Try using torrent with less ratio…they will give you better speed…

I would avoid P2P!

hey snow:
u a comcast user? if so, do a little searching on comcast and throttling. they squeeze the livin %$3^ outta p2p networks.

P2P, kind of sounds a little seedy to me. Remember, what just happened to the woman who got RECENTLY busted for file sharing and fined thousands of dollars!

Thanks guys,

In the end i think i still need to find a way to ensure my port is open. uTorrent claims it is still closed!!!

plz pm me