uTorrent setup problem

Can anyone help please?

I’m having a nightmare setting up uTorrent.

I’ve followed all the instructions for port forwarding but it’s not working.

When I try to forward the port on the IP address that I get when I do “run/command/ipconfig/all” (as it says on the instructions), it all looks like it’s OK, but when I test that the port is forwarded properly in uTorrent, it comes up saying that the port isn’t forwarded correctly to…and it’s my external IP address (the one from my internet service provider).

Sorry this is all confusing sounding, but should I be using my ISP IP address in the port forwarding, or am I doing something stupidly wrong?

I’ve been at it for days!!!


hay allson
are you using a route after your modeum? if so you need to go into your router to config your forwarding. it would be helpful if you say how your networked together.
just let me know how your figured. ok

don’t use your external ip. use the one from your router. 192.168.xx.xx or whatever.


I’m not using a modem - just the router which is an eTec PTi845.

I configured the router with the IP address of 192.168.1.*** and set it to the port I wanted to use for uTorrent. It all seemed to be working fine till I did the test on uTorrent and it came up saying that the port wasn’t forwarded properly on …and it was my ISP address!

When I go into port forwarding on the router configuration, I’m then setting up a custom port forwarding - it asks for:

Application (uTorrent, I assume)
Source IP address
Source Netmask
Destination IP address
Destination Netmask (which is already there as
Destination Port Start
Destination Port End
Destination Port Map

This could well be where I’m going wrong cos I don’t know what to put in most of that.

There’s also a bit to set up LAN clients and in it, it asks for IP address, application and MAC address - where do I find the MAC address?

Sorry to sound so thick - especially if this should be easy enough.

And I did use that link for port forwarding - it just ain’t doing it for me!!

Just in case it’s relevant, when I do command - run - ipconfig/all, the info I get is:

Host name : home
Primary Dns Suffix:
Node Type: Unknown
IP Routing Enabled: No
WIN Proxy Enabled: No

Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection:

Connection-specific DNS Suffix:
Description Intel <R> Pro/100 Network Connection
Physical Address: 00-0C----
Dhcp Enabled Yes
Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes
IP Address 192.168..
Subnet Mask 255.255.**.
Default Gateway 192.168.**.
DHCP Server ************
DNS Servers **********

Then try the user manual or the quick port forwarding instructions.

where do I find the MAC address?


Physical Address: 00-0C----

i’m wondering if maybe you are doing it correctly and being thrown off by the utorrent “randomize port each time program opens” option.

check your preferences to make sure this is unchecked otherwise utorrent will want to use a different port every time you open it (meaning forwarding would be useless)

i’ve never had to deal with putting in a MAC address just to forward port but a mac address is the physical address of your computer.

the application name is optional when you put in the settings…it’ sjust for you to keep track of what you’re doing so nothing you put here can be “wrong”

port start and port end are for the rang eof ports you’d like to forward. if oyu only need to forward 1 port make these 2 the same.

other than that the settings are different from my router (netgear). the different router manufacturers always name things differently in their settings so it can eb difficult to help.

if your router has a “DMZ” setting you can try that temporarily. dmz isn’t recommended as it puts your computer outside the router’s firewall without “protection” but I use it when i can’t be bothered to deal with the port settings sometimes, bu please note that this should only be a temporary fix…it’s technically not really recommended to be in the dmz

I followed the port forwarding instructions to the letter - the only thing I had was DMZ enabled (but since reading your post reasonnotrules, I disabled it). I turned off my firewall (AVG Internet Security 7.5) and did the port forwarding check and it came up OK - turned the firewall back on and it came up error again.

Need to figure out how to configure the firewall now! I ran the configuration wizard and that hasn’t done anything to help, tried manually adding uTorrent and that’s not done anything and I can’t find out anything on the help menu!


Needed that!

Waheey!! It’s working!!!

Don’t ask me what I did - it just happened!

I have this knack of clicking on things and they’ll suddenly resolve themselves.

Thanks for all your help and suggestions guys.

You’re all stars!

that’s good though! it means you’ve got your ports forwarded correctly at least! the software firewalls are usually the easy part. i use AVG, but not the firewall so i doubt i’d be much help there.

at least you know exactly where your problem is now. I just checked the AVG site and it doesn’t go into much detail…it really just says to run the configuration wizard.

google searches have mentioned requiring utorrent as an allowed app and also forwarding the port in the AVG firewall. are you doing both of these things? I wish I could explain how, but from the links and replies I’ve been seeing in google it seems like it’s a 2-part process.

also, disable windows firewall if you haven’t already. no need for 2 software firewalls, and the Windows one could likely cause more annoyances than good.

hahaha glad you got it working! looks like I was typing as you got it fixed so uh…disregard my last post :slight_smile:

if you have any vague idea on what you did please post it here. port forwarding is a frustrating issue for many people and it would be great to have your solution accessible via the forum search.

Re the AVG Firewall. I ran the configuration wizard to update it to accept uTorrent, but I had uTorrent set on “ask” before allowing. It still wouldn’t work, so I made uTorrent an allowable rule and it worked!

Obviously the config wizard does the trick for setting up new applications, but you have to allow them permanently.

I hope that helps anybody that ever has a problem.

I probably could have had it working days ago when I tried the port forwarding first, but I didn’t even consider that it was the firewall that was causing the problem.

So that’s my top tip! If you’re trying to set up uTorrent and you keep getting an error on the port forwarding test - try disabling the firewall and testing the port forward again.

thanks for the update. glad it’s working for you!