uTorrent Relaunched as Official BitTorrent Client

BitTorrent Inc launched their rebranded version of uTorrent as BitTorrent 6.0. The good news is that uTorrent and its community will not be replaced. Not now, and not in the future.

Link: http://torrentfreak.com/utorrent-relaunched-as-official-bittorrent-client/

:cool: :cool:

I’m going to kill myself

Little to extreme for that action. But for me as long as they don’t make utorrent into another bittorrent I am happy with the program. But the moment they do that I think it will come to a sudden end for utorrent as users will either create a new torrent program or switch to another torrent program. Thus again creating a new utorrent type program that isn’t constraind like bittorrent in its P2P format.

The original bittorrent program sucked :stuck_out_tongue:
It’s a good move :slight_smile:
I don’t understand the negativity :confused:


  1. uT caused a storm when they sold code to “the dark side” (Peerfactor, or some other group).
  2. uT has had a number of “accidental” leaks of private toorrents, though not as bad as some other programs which completely fail to honour privacy versus trackerless mode.
  3. uT is closed source, so bittorrent makes a snide move away from their open source client and the code scrutiny that it is open to.

It seems that the offical Bittorrent has “sold out”, seeing it as a commercial distribution platform, and probably infecting it with DRM.

The “community” see bittorrent as an open source, content neutral protocol for user supported downloads, no more “warez” or “non-warez” than FTP. Bells and whistles like DRMed video NOT WANTED.

It MUST be forked - let the “official” take their client and DRM-infest it as they please, and its unfortunate that one of the best small and efficient clients gets buried in this morass.

I understand that uTorrent will be developed in a completely seperate stream to the “Official rebadged Torrrent Client”, although I’m sure we all expect that uTorrent will be developed & released, and simultaneously handed over to Bittorrent to be “DRM infected” before distribution as the official DRM infected version.

I also understand that the software developer has never released his code “open source” and maintained copyright, so technically, it’s within his/her rights to sell the code source to his/her delight, despite the chagrin of the open source community.

Torrent is … just a FREE distribution platform.

Commercial companies are free to distribute their DRM protected crap across the distribution platform, and enforce their copyrights (although official support for DRM is falling apart as you read this).

What people choose to do with it is their own prerogative.

It’s quite funny … it’s been noted that it’s taken just 3 minutes between when apple release a song on itunes & when the same file became available on P2P - less DRM.

Well, I never liked uT, so I hope this will make all the trackers ban it.

That will be interesting.

Bittorrent Trackers that ban the official bittorrent client :iagree: