Utorrent Issues


Hi All,

I cant seem to download any applications through Utorrent, i can download movies no problem, but any time i download a program or application it just sits in Utorrent saying Connecting to peers.

I don’t have a firewall activated, i’ve uninstalled and re-installed U-torrent and i’m still having the same problem, can anyone please help me out?



Assuming you are talking about legal downloads, you should check to see how many seeds are available for each torrent. If no one is seeding it, you won’t be able to download anything.


Seeding is major problem due to inactivity in downloads from torrent sites. If no one is downloading it then no one is seeding it.
Check this- Working torrent websites
Download torrent files from here and check if it is working or not. This are active torrent sites with high seeds on torrent files.