Utorrent crash and burning errors

Utorrent crash and burning errors
It was few years ago it happened now but I transfeer and copying DVDRs to the HDD I wonder about one thing.
and would like to know when I have bought a new computer so I do not get any errors on the new one

I have a question: I got wrong on a few downloads of audio flacfiles when utorrent crashed (got some message of if data loss)

But not really knowing what it was about. Because the downloads still was 100% (or less if they was not completed when the crash happend an I restarted up utorrent again. It continued at the same %

Then later when I burned a few audio CDR from the downloaded flac files (burned with Nero), so I notice when I play them the music suddenly becomes silent in the middle of the song where it should not be any silence , do not first know what is wrong.

Could mention that I did not realize what was wrong first time it happend because I used black CDR and more silvery where it is difficult to see what is burned/recorded data / audio.

But discovered the error when I used a Verbatim AZO CDR, then it was
as a dark ring with empty data / audio There it should have ben data/audio recorded

I guess it had to do with the utorrent crash

Now for my question,have it damaged the burner / CD reader / audio CD player (portable) when I burned tthe disc or playing them afterwards?
(Different machines when I first did not know what was wrong and tried them in various players)

I came anyway until it had with the lost data in the utorrentcrash and made new downloads …

Since I did not think much about it, so I’ve burned some backup DVDR with flac files afterwards (which I know they are error-free files but U burned them with the burner I used to burn the discs there I got the errors, wondering if it could be something wrong/error with them anyway and possibly harm other readers …and players

Addition: I know they will be no errors on the other discs because I had verification of DVDR discs afterwards but you can not have it
audio from the file because it is a bit different for audio files and flacfiles / data files when a CD does not contain any files just tracks…

(This is the most important question I have )
Then I wonder if the DVD recorder, may have damaged the silver original audio CD I ripped afterwards…
(need to know so I does not damage a CD player)

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