Any1 playing it ?



nope. :slight_smile:


Actullay i used to play it…
But i run on a dialup so it got pretty slow and well slow


Yes, I play it. Have played it for 6 ages now.


:). The new age is almost started is going to be my 3th age. Your on bt or world ?


When does it start?
Yeah, maybe i’ll join


It already started but in 58 utopian days :). Every1 will get out of protection.


I play in the battlefields.
Chose avian this age, going as a full attacker.


I play on the bt too. Choose orc. And going for full attacker too with 1tpa at most. I`m in 1:11 :). Last age we almost made the top 50 of the world. And ended 4th in our island.


I decided to go avian this age. I figured the magic and thief penalties for orc would be too much pain, since this is the age of magic.


Well yes they suck. But since i`m going full attacker i dont care. As long as i can cast blood lust :).