UTOPiA members arrested

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SEGA and Germany police have finally located UTOPiA guys. UTOPiA was one of the first warez groups which released Dreamcast ISOs and was the group which cracked…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/657-UTOPiA-members-arrested.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/657-UTOPiA-members-arrested.html)

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I don’t think they can hold much against them. What are they gonna do, sue them for purchasing a devkit??

i’m pretty sure this is bullsjit!

OK, so what did they do that’s illegal? I don’t see anything

Hey guys, easy to talk here, less when u’re in jail…Think 'bout it!

Utopia…? Isn’t it a online game?

U mean Ultima u moron

Utopia is also a big game on the internet and is alo very poulair

Well, trust me, this aint no bullshit. Thise guys where really busted. And they cant sue you for have a dev kit. But if they enter your house and there is a device that makes it able to rip dc games, you are totally fucked.

seriously, how did they get caught? did they run around with a sign on them saying “We are utopia… if you dont know us, we cracked the DC copy protection system CATCH US!!!”… i mean , seriously you guys, the police cant simply enter your house because they THINK you do something wrong, they need physical evidence… like a receipt from a buyer of a game, so lets say they actually SOLD stuff from their adress… arent they better off in jail then? i mean … how DUMB are people today???

Believe me : they will get free, but here in Germany the cops are like turteles. They don’t get their asses moving :slight_smile:

Hey ! don’t call him moron ! Utopia IS or WAS a game on AMIGA … tss these young people ! no respect !!! :-)))