Utmost technologies/accesstek inc

Finally found the Firm ware upgrade info if you have any UTMOST TECHNOLOGY hardware… (DC4801)

Hope this helps someone.

Model BIOS Released Date
CW1601(16x12x40) 110c_for16x.zip 2002.1.9
CW3201(32x12x40) 160C_for32x.zip
CW4002(40x12x40) 110E_for40.zip 2002.8.29
CW4802(48x16x48) 150E_for48x.zip 2002.10.21
CW5202(52x24x52) 150E_for5202.zip 2003.3.7
DC4801(48x24x48x+16x) 160C008_dc4801.zip 2003.9.10
DD0203(DVD±RW) DV2_216.zip (for Windows 2000 and Windows XP) [HELP] 2003.8.12

WEBSITE http://www.accesstek.com.tw/

Jumped the gun on this one. The cd drive model number says dc4801 Accesstek Inc. same drive speeds, bu the firmware will not install.

If anyone knows anything about this UTMOST TECHNOLOGY company, and which firmware would support it, I would appriciate it. The above firmware does not seem to work.

I have to say I am a bit confused over it all. UTMOST is definately Accesstek Inc product, yet the firmware will not work.

I am looking for the following Firmware:
CW5202(52x24x52) 150E_for5202.zip 2003.3.7

Your last post signaled failure.

Has anyone sucessfully downloaded the file and installed it?

The Utmost Technology CD-RW Firmware
website didn’t list it and the customer no-service representative has not been responsive to my e-mails.

I have no idea what is wrong with these people from utmost-technology…
I bought a dvd burner dd 0203 from them the other day and I cant get it to work right at all it says it is an atapi optorite at startup, and my drivers in windows say the same … all that came with it were the my dvd and the gold 5 disk… i am so dissapointed … i can use it to watch dvds that is all though i cant burn i cant even regognize a blank cd or dvd … i ireally dont understand about firmware updates and with windows 2000 i can t seem to get to the dos shell i mean not the virtual prompt but the acctual dos to install the firmware from the acess tek link…then that is only a dos firmware update and not for windows i am not sure how that all works but if you know any thing about this shady dvd writer help thanks:confused: