Utility to scan DVD copy protections

Hey Guys,

I have a few DVD’s I got for Christmas, and one includes Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Dead Mans Chest. I would like to make a backup copy of some of my dvd’s and use them to keep the origional discs free from kid marks. What’s the latest utility out to identify the copy protection installed, and what program would I use to burn?

AnyDVD does the best job dealing with protection and CloneDVD does the best job of copying. There is a coupon and price increase coming so don’t wait too long.

My DVD movie library is a mixed bag of PAL and NTSC regions. I don’t want to switch my PC DVD ROM drive’s region as it has a 5-time region change limit. That’s where I discovered AnyDVD. After trying it out on a few titles, I immediately purchased it together with CloneDVD, CloneDVDMobile and CloneCD. The only drawback with AnyDVD is that it doesn’t have a mac version if you’re also mac user (like me). :slight_smile: 2006 11 30

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