Utility to increase CD burn speeds on ND-3500

Hi Gurus

I recently purchased a ND 3500 DVD burner but still burm a few CD. Is there any utility that will allow me to increase the burn speed on this drive to allow me to burn PLASMON cd AT 48 SPEED RATHER THAN 32 SPEEDS

Thank you all in anticipation

Kalos :confused:

This would require a firmware update and those discs to be supported at 48X
At the moment only a few discs are supported at 48X Ritek and Verbatim are two of them.

Thanks for the info Dee27
Do future firmware updates increase the number od CD’s that can be written at 48X. I would have thought that more than 2 CD manufacturers would have been supported!

Kalos :frowning:

What’s really odd about this is that NEC supports 16X burns with Fujifilm 8X +R media from TY…yet the TY media CD-R burns at less than rated speed. If NEC trusts TY that much…why with only DVD+R / DVD-R and NOT the CD media???


Yo Bob-

That’s a VERY good question!

The Taiyo Yuden media is the test bed for most hardware manufacturers-

Guess the NEC firmware writers know more through their testing eh?