Util to read CD-Text from .NRG images


This my first post. I joined as I have been working on several projects and have found many anwers to my questions available at this site.

I have recently been working on a project to convert my audiobook collection to a format that is more accessible to the number of devices (IPOD, Car stereo, PS3, ETC…).

I have written a batch file that automates all of the ripping from the image to outputting to an m4b files.

The only problem that I have now is that the ripping process is not collecting the cd-text that is present in the .nrg image.

As I am working with audio books most of the disc’s are not found in the cddb or freedb databases, leaving cd-text as the good source for id3 tags.

Are there any command line tools for reading the CD-Text files of an .nrg image?

Thank you in advance for the assistance.

Would it not be easier to get the cd text info from freedb.org?

[QUOTE=chef;2194933]Would it not be easier to get the cd text info from freedb.org?[/QUOTE]

This data is not available at freedb.org or cddb for the audio books. I have attempted to use them, however either no data exists or incorrect data is provided.

Thank you,

Ah, okay.

A Command line tool that can read cd-text from standard audio CD’s should work as well.