UTB Smokinghouse op busted in first of kind filesharing raid



I just posted the article UTB Smokinghouse op busted in first of kind filesharing raid.

 34  year old Californian, Jed Frederick Kobles, aka "Raging8" was caught red-handed downloading the  XBOX game, "Leisure Suit Larry" in a raid via search warrant in his home by the  newly...
Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/10830-UTB-Smokinghouse-op-busted-in-first-of-kind-filesharing-raid.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/10830-UTB-Smokinghouse-op-busted-in-first-of-kind-filesharing-raid.html)

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LOL, 3 years of prison only because he downloaded some files…this is crazy. :r I suppose that a drug dealer or a mobster get less… This is United States of Corporations


By the sounds of it this guy was just using DC++ which alot of the public servers that you connect to require you share at least 10Gb or so - a good move in terms of getting alot of content shared, a terrible one in terms of leaving all the people connected hugely vulnerable for getting sued. And to be honest, you might as well get into robbery because you’ll get less time than for download a film and hurting no one (sorry - dont really count the guy with the two ferrari’s as NEEDING my money).


The question is: what i’m stealing?? I’m downloading, not taking something of material. This is crazy man!


“I would hate to be any of those unnamed conspirators right now, anyone that was a member of UTB Smokinghouse must be sweating bullets.” Yeh i’m real scared the california state police are going to get on a boat, travel half way round the world and bust me while i download “an xbox game”. Can you see me sweating?


I just read where some dude stalked his girlfriend, beat her when she was pregnant, and then fled authorities. He got 6 months…


He would have got less for shoplifting the game, plus it would be an original.