Utah Attorney General backs SOPA legislation



Utah Attorney General backs SOPA legislation.

[newsimage]http://static.rankone.nl/images_posts/2012/01/QnKHDx.jpg[/newsimage]Mark L. Shurtleff is no fan of Internet piracy. In an editorial for The Salt Lake Tribune last week, Shurtleff called online counterfeiters and rogue foreign sites a threat to safety, innovation and the local economy. His solution? The Senate should pass PROTECT IP, and the House should pass SOPA.

Read the full article here: [http://www.myce.com/news/utah-attorney-general-backs-sopa-legislation-57044/](http://www.myce.com/news/utah-attorney-general-backs-sopa-legislation-57044/)

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An attorney supports this bill? Who would of guessed otherwise?


Mr. Shurtleff’s words are not his own, they are but a script given to him by his SOPA-supporting donors:


Wonder how SOPA will effect Apple…




Shurtleff is a Utard, and should be dismissed, as all other morons are.