UT2004 wont open with backup play cd

I have UT2004, and i have made copies of all the cds, but cd6 is giving me some problems. I have made a backup cd, with the new securom settings. I made a ccd image with CloneCd and then used TwinPeak to create the secured cd. The bwa file that i used was from online. The cd begins to load the game, but after the first screen that says Unreal Tournament the screen goes away and the game wont work. Other times it says that the cd could not be verified in time and to retry or cancel. Any ideas??? Hopefully I dont need to make a new cd.

Well, I think that unless you’ve been trying to play your back-up copy from a writer without an atip hiding utility, you’re copy is bad.

If you are trying to play from a writer, you must enable CloneCD’s hide cdr media from the system tray (or alcohol’s Ignore media type) for the copy to work (not necessary if you want to run the back-up copy from an ordinary cd/dvd rom).

If that isn’t your problem, follow the tutorial and let us know how you get on. Try first with a cdrw to avoid coasters.

If then you still can’t get your copy to work, let us know a bit about your system and, in particular, what writers and other reading devices you have.

I cant make a good BWA file, in 3 places there are sets of huge spikes.

Originally posted by Rebel_AU
I cant make a good BWA file, in 3 places there are sets of huge spikes.

Spikes like this?

If so, this is normal.

Also disable any Virtual drives you may have running.

Bah, I wish.
this is what mine looks like.
(this is the best i have managed to get)

Bah, what are YOU complaining about???:stuck_out_tongue: (Take a look at attachment)

But seriously, get Alcohol and make a DPM measurment of the CD with the SecuROM 4.8x/5 Datatype . Set the speed to 1x, and cancel as soon as it finishes. Make sure you keep the image files. Now into BWA builder and press convert MDS->BWA. Now take a look at the BWA and it should look pretty nice. But sometimes no matter what you do, some drives just suck at making BWAs.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

alcohol isn’t really working at the moment.
it is sort of half unnstalled.:confused:

You can always edit the BWA with BWAEdit. This will allow you to manually remove those spikes and dropouts. I’ve done it a few times and find it quite useful. Might be worth making a backup copy of the BWA before you start