UT2004 DVD SE Version

OK, I have a question. All of the other users are posting about BlindWrite and SecuROM and Autoplay and Tweakers and all these other things, but I want to know one simple thing. Will I be able to install a backup of UT2004 DVD SE Version if I just copy the files and folders directly onto a new DVD. I do not need to worry about using it as a play disc, because I have my original disc and by the time it doesn’t work anymore there will probably be a No-CD included in a game patch like UT2003 did. But I reformat enough that I dont want to constantly use the original disc to install. :rolleyes: :confused:

yes, just copy the disc in any reader/writer using the automatic profile. it will produce a dvd that can install but it will never play.

Just want to add that you can copy it using the normal profile too.

YAY! I got it copied, but I used Nero. This is because every time I got past the first screen in BlindWrite it made some funny crusty beep from the PC Speaker (internal motherboard speaker) and I didn’t like that. Is that normal?:rolleyes::bigsmile:

Did BW make the funny sound?
Was it just noise or was it something like a voice saying “Damn, we have a problem” ?
You do have a soundcard and regular speakers?

I have a soundcard (Audigy) and regular speakers. It wasn’t a voice, it sounded kind of like that beep when you hold down a bunch of keys at once (now that I check, it doesn’t do that on my computer running Windows XP, but it does on my old Win95 and my school’s Win98 computers). It happens when I click “Next” after selecting “Dump the Image of a CDROM”. It also does it on “Next” after the second screen (drive select) when i click “Get CD Information/ Control Tray”. It is definitely coming from my tower though, because it does it with my speakers off too. :confused: I don’t really mind though, because I don’t think I will ever use BlindWrite that much.
EDIT: This is in the Reading part of BlindWrite, I haven’t done anything yet with the writing part.


From what you are saying it sounds like you are using Blindwrite 4.xx.

Blindwrite 4.xx does not support the reading of DVD disks.
How ever Blindwrite 5 does !! :bow:

Check out the VSO website


PeebZ is right, it sounds like your using BW4, are you?
Just try BW5

Yeah, I probably should’ve mentioned my version… :o :eek:
OK… I got BW 5, and it hasn’t caused any problems.:bigsmile: Thanks for the help.:slight_smile: