Ut2004 (DVD) and linux

Does ut2004 still do a copyprotection check in linux?

If so can i use my backed up dvd and play the game with my cd version?
I know the above works on windows xp but i dont want to waste R25 on a blank dvd to check if it works on linux (DVD are expensive in south africa)

Why dont you install UT04, then install the linux patch and see?

Backuped DVDs of UT04 arent possible at the moment, if you’re referring to a cracked DVD then please do not.

UT2003 didn’t check the CD in linux, so i think UT2004 does not either. If you try to run the game without the DVD, does it ask for it ?

merther02 what do you mean install the linux patch unreal tournament2004 allready comes fully compatible with linux?
And no i do not mean crack as there isnt one for ut2004 in linux.

And docdocdoc9 i havent gotten around even checking it on my linux pc i will try to tonight if all goes right.

There a is a patch for the linux based UT04, it fixes a bundle of things as well as takes away the no-cd check.

Keep looking for that crack LOL! :smiley:

Have a slight bug when installing(from my cd/dvd oreginal and backup) it starts installing but as soon as it asks to mount cd 2 it doesnt detect it ,same on the dvd it installs about 2 minites then asks for the 2nd cd to be mounted?

I think it is Mandrake 9.2 or something is configured rong.
enay ideas?