After reading the majority of the ut2003 threads it seems that a perfect copy at the moment is impossible… However, most people seem to be able to install the game off the backup but are unable to run it.

I’ve tried copying each of the 3 cds using both clonecd and nero and each one fails to read in both of my drives. They spin up and down for a while, sometime I am able to read the table of contents but I can’t access any files.

I have overcome this by mounting the cd image using daemon tools and installing the game through there and applyling the demo executable so I dont need the genuine cd.

What settings are you using to make an installable backup? Burning the cd images as they are seems like the only option but it will be awkward as they are over 700mb.
Thanks for any help,

P.S Some people claim that only the first cd is protected with the new securom protection, is this true as I am unable to copy any of them. I am using my lite on LTR024102B to read and write the cds.