Ok, I own the game and want to make a backup of the 1st CD because I know it will get much usage.

Burner drive: Plextor 12/10/32S (SCSI)

I tried using ClonyXXL, which detects Securom-New. Burned an image, then burned it on a CDR. Didn’t work. Then I tried the same image with a CD-RW. Tried with “Hide CDR Media” on and off, and when I tried to run the game, the CD spins up and nothing happens after a minute.

I’m trying G@M3FR3@K’s Securum CloneCD setting from his sticky on this board. Its copying now, and I’ll try it on the CDRW disc so I don’t destroy more CDRs.

Any ideas?

You’re welcome to try but you’ll probably fail to make a working back-up. The game is protected with the very latest version of securom and, to date, no-one has worked out a copying solution.
See here and here .

Thanks Philamber. I should have done a search before posting.

I’m scanning the CD now for Bad sectors, and will play around with a CDRW. I’ll post if I’m successful.

Has anyone tried burning Securom-New CDs using a different program, like blindwrite or CDRWIN?

Oh, and by the way, the Securom CCD setting didn’t work.

Not to worry. 3 days ago I was convinced that all securom cds could be copied successfully with a good sub-code reader (largely because the very latest versions have only just started to appear here in oz). Unfortunately, I now know otherwise.

Btw, I have tried blindwrite and alcohol 120% (though not cdrwin) and with the same conspicuous lack of success.

Best of luck and let us know how you get on.

@ johnnychangs

Also read HERE to get more info on what has been tried already, etc.

I also tried to make a working backup of this game with no success. If anyone figures it out, please let us know. Thanks!

Well I tried CDRWIn and Blindwrite, no luck. I tried CloneCD with “Amplify Weak sectors” on and other Securom settings on. No luck.
I used ClonyXXL to scan the disc for bad sectors, and the disc paused at the end of the CD (like within the last 1000 bytes), but still did not label any sectors as bad.

Oh, also, every copy I make won’t read in my normal CD/DVD drive (Pioneer 304S), but will read fine in my PLextor 12/10/32S. I just can’t run the game with the backup CD.

Originally posted by johnnychangs
Well I tried CDRWIn and Blindwrite, no luck.

Did blindread find 2 bad sectors at the end of the reading process and did the game install new registry keys under [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\SecuROM] ?

No bad sectors, and I do see two keys under that registry path, but I didn’t check them before so I don’t know which is the valid one and which is the one that doesn’t work.

I dont have those keys there, hkey, current user, software, securom and a key there but thats it

What o/s are you running? I’m on 98se. The program may install keys in different places depending on o/s. Also, as UT2003 is a later version of securom than the one I tested, it may be that some modifications have been made on this aspect.

I am running XP home, and so far that is the only and hk user software securrom key I have found, and I have the Games, NWN, Marrowind, WCIII, Battlefield 1942, well you get the picture, almost 30 gigs of them, Yes I own them all I have 4 teenagers, and they like different things

Nothing about securom in local machine at all and both keys are exactly the same
so to get it straight I have the keys at
H key user software
H key current user software
and they are the same key

Originally posted by kamikazee
I have the Games, NWN, Marrowind, WCIII, Battlefield 1942.

None of these would have installed reg keys. NWN and WCIII are earlier versions of securom. Marrowind and Battlefield 1942 are both sd2.

(I’ve got 2 teenagers and an 11 year old. I understand you situation fully. :wink: )

Did anyone try an older version of CCD even back to the 3 series. Maybe it will or maybe it won’t, I don’t know. Just pissing in the wind here.

UT2003 is installed and that key is not there, Only the two I listed

I need to backup my UT 2003

Apparently discs using this new version of Securom have “unsteady physical parameters along the spiral track containing data sectors”. Meaning you can’t copy it the traditional 1:1 way.

A good comparison was also listed in the following article:
“It is the same as trying to duplicate $100 note on usual paper - you must have special paper.”


Boo hoo :a

Do you all realize someone left the key in the front door?

The demo ut2003.exe will run the first release of the game perfectly. It looks like the protection is completely tied to the ut2003.exe.

If a copy of the game will install but not run from CD, maybe copying and replacing the ut2003.exe, from the demo, before its burned will work. “slipsteamed”

We have one copy of the game running on 3 systems at the same time and dont need the disks. :cool: :bigsmile:

My First Posting ! ! !

I have found someone who claims he has backed up his copy of UT2k3…

http://www.pcadvisor.co.uk/index.cfm?go=discuss.thread&threadID=56774&ForumID=10 to have a look. You will have to register, if you haven’t already…:wink:

BTW Hi all…I am a ‘newb’ to this forum and am finding it a great source of information. Keep up the good work guys (;o))))

Originally posted by BigBadNige
I have found someone who claims he has backed up his copy of UT2k3…

Since I can’t be bothered registering, how does he claim to have done it?