Ut2003 Tutorial How To Backup

Thanks Very Much!!! I just bought UT2K3 and made a successful backup the first try. Thanks Alot I appreciate it. Now I can put up my originals in a safe place.

worked like a charm !:bow: :bow:

pfitz ! thanx a lot, man ! you’ve got mail !

I backed up mine within 10 minutes! I dumped the image, used the characteristic dumper to make a BWA file, burned using DAO Pw, selected Enhance weak sectors, burned at MAX speed on my Lite-On 48246S, and presto! I have a disc that takes about 4 extra seconds to load, will play in anything and install. Blindwrite is the BEST!

Can anyone mail me a quality .bwa for UT2003 (Play Dsc) I don’t think my burner’s capable of producing a usable image. Its coaster city here, and I’m running low on funds.


try to do search under bwa or UT2003 or unreal - i saw thread with bwa for download somwhere - you can dld that there :slight_smile:

You can access BWA files on my FTP

user: bwa
pass: only
port: 21

I tried this on hitman2 and it worked a treat!!

i now have a one on one copy of hitman2

pfitz thanx for your input … such posts are always welcome :wink:

There’s no reason double posting though, you have posted this in this thread already …

it seeems this way of burning works on the new “Securom” copy protection all cd`s i have tried have come out 1:1 thankx again dude

hi pfitz,

thank you for your nice input. :bow:
could backup ut2003 and nolf2.


When you say that you backed up UT2003, do you need 2 discs to backup UT2003_CD1?

  1. Using BlindWrite 4.2.1 I made an image to HDD, then burned it back to CDR. This is my “INSTALL” CD, but can’t use it to PLAY.

  2. I created a BWA file, named it UT2003_CD1 (the same as the image I created) and saved the BWA file in the same directory as the image. I used BW to burn back to CDR. This is my “PLAY” CD, but can’t use it to install because I get an error message.

So for me, it takes 2 CDRs to backup CD1 of UT2003. Is anybody in the same boat?

:confused: :confused:

your first making an image and saving it to your hd. then, you are creating a .bwa file with the utility from blindread and storing it in the same directory as your image. then when you burn, you have to make sure you check the box that asks to use a .bwa file if one is available. there’s no reason you should need two disks. hope that helps

Thanks pfitz,

but version 4.2.1 doesn’t have an option to check the box to use a .bwa file if one is available. It still uses the .bwa file because is says so in the log. The new version 4.2.5 DOES have the option that you talked about -
I tried this too with the same result.

I switched to the older version of BW 4.2.1 because some guys in this forum said it works better with Liteon burners, as opposed to the new version.

So it looks like I’ll use the “2 CD Method” for now, until someone (Blindwrite Team :D) fixes the Securom issue.

i just walked through the tutorial using it as the reader and made a coaster out of a cd-r. i thought i read somewhere that tdk is the same hardware as liteon so do i need to downgrade to version 421 of blindwrite? also is there anyway to merge the bwa into the image so i can use daemon tools to run the game.



according to blindread/blindwrite, the newest version is the only one that is able to overcome the securom in ut2003, so yes, you need the latest version, […suggested warez source of program deleted…] also, i have only used the latest version and i know for a fact, that you are given the option to merge the image and bwa file together, and you have tooooo!!! to make a working copy. follow my tutorial with the latest version, it should work, and it should not take two disks!!!

[Please refrain from suggesting that people obtain this program by illegal means. It can’t have escaped your attention that a member of the blindwrite team, lapinou, is a regular visitor and contributor to the forum and it is the height of discourtesy for you to suggest that the program be obtained illegally. …philamber]

i got the 426 beta off the boards and got it no problem apparently to use it w/daemon tools you just have to leave the bwa in the same folder as the image i havent burned it yet but i plan to do it again. thanks for the help



Hi all,

First thanks to pfitz for his step by step guide for backing up UT2003 with Blindwrite (Thanks mate) It the first time i’ve ever used Blindwrite and hade no idea what to do.

Ok,i got a working copy of UT2003 CD1 to work no worries with a Asus 4012a and was wondering do i do the same thing for disk 2 and 3.

Also, i can’t get the image to run off the hard drive though Deamon’s. Deamon say it will run Blindwrite images but i can get them to run anyone got any idea’s.

Anyway thx for any help.


You don’t need to do the same with disc 2 and disc 3 of UT2003. Just do these like normal CD ROMs. The bad ass Securom is only on the 1st disc.

Will it affect disk 2 and 3 if i did it the same way as disk one and if so how do i just copy it as a normal cd.


Just copy discs 2 and 3 in the same way you would any normal unprotected data cd. I just used nero’s cd-copy function.

However, you can use ccd with the data cd profile, blindwrite with sao cooked, or any other cd-copying program.