UT2003/newer securom Backup help needed

I’ve tried the Blindwrite/BWA ( http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=58959 ) and twinpeaks method ( http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?threadid=67242 ) with both CloneCD and Alcohol, but ive burned a bunch of coasters so far.

I tried making my own BWA file with BWA builder, having only 1 peak, as well as downloading the ‘perfect’ file, burning with BlindWrite, but when i click play it just starts up, checks the cd and then closes. Ive tried using the ASPI driver, VSO, burning slow, and so forth. When i load the blindwrite image with Daemon tools, it works fine, so i was thinking blindwrite wasnt burning it right.

I tried using CCD, and twinpeak with the bwa file i downloaded, merging them with a value of 15, but when i burned it, same thing happened. When i use daemon tools with a twinpeak’d image it doesnt either, as opposed to the blindwrite image. I tried making a ccd file with alcohol, merging, same result.

All the cds i burned, when using the bwa builder, shows just a regular CD graph, as opposed to the graph of the bwa i downloaded. Is it supposed to show the graph of the bwa i downloaded? or does twinpeak just ‘fake’ this and bwabuilder see’s past it. Is alcohol a good representation if the image file will work when i burn it? The twinpeak images don’t run ut2003. I’ve tried twin sector step values of 6, 15, 50 but they yield the same result.

I’m using the newest versions of blindwrite, alcohol, ccd, twinpeak, etc. I do have a LiteOn 32123S drive, ive heard newer versions of blindwrite don’t work with it well, but that was a while ago. Did new versions fix this ? Would going back to an old version of blindwrite help? The version i have is Im using the newest LiteOn firmware, XS0Z, havn’t tried ‘overclocking’ it or anything.

What am i doing wrong?

I know UT2003’s new patch supposedly removes the CD check, but i want to learn how to backup newer Securom protected cds for other/newer games.

Try Blindwrite 4.2.5, for backing up Securom New 4.8X its the better version of Blindwrite. (available here)

Although you can also use CloneCD+Twinpeaks, or Alcohol 120%+Twinpeaks if 4.2.5 doesnt work for you. (Many thanks to philamber for the tutorials :))