All these games just don’t wanna work on my pc they just quit too desktop after 10 sec’s of playing, i have all the correct specifications.(These are the original copys not back-ups, which adds even more to the fustration)
Reading on another site i saw info about these games use the latest secrom and don’t work with cdr’s , i use a Plextor 40/12/40a firm v :1.00 (as i can’t update the firmware for some bizzare reason)
So any help in this matter or if anyone else has the same problem a response would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

(as this is my first postl,k and i don’t know what im doing ive left off my system specs):slight_smile:

You don’t have a regular CD-Rom from which you can play these?
If you have, try playing it form there.

But it should work fine, regardless if you play it from your writer or player…since these are the originals and should have no problems with any copy protection…

I also have a dvd rom drive , but it still didn’t work.
UT2003 : i read all the ways too get it too work but non of these worked…but a no-cd patch worked.

Hitman2: same as before and the only thing that worked was a no-cd patch.

Project nomads: no on else on earth has had a problem, but i have with no-cd not available.

so with this(new) securom protection the only logical thing it could be is my plextor, but then my dvd drive doesn’t make them work either it just doesn’t add up.

sorry to babble but every other game works backed up or not.
and since these games share the same protection??

thank you

Such patches are illegal and we cannot discuss them at this forum. This even applies when you own the originals.

By mentioning them I am forced to close this topic.