Ut2003 & DiscDump

I just tried using DDump with frontend. The dump process worked but when I try to open the image in Nero it tells me that the entered block size does not correspond to the image length. It gives me an option to correct or ignore. Why does it do this? Also when I try to correct it, it still doesn’t allow me to burn the image.

DDump is not going to work with SecuRom which UT2003 uses. Currently there’s no way to copy this latest version. For more information read some of the topics in the CloneCD forum. DDump can be used to copy the latest SafeDisc v2.80.xxx protection though which CloneCD has problems with.

Using the “securom” setting in DDump creates a completely usless image for UT 2003. If you use just the standard DDump setting, you will get an image that will enable you to install the game but you will not be able to play it from the CD.

Discdump cannot be used to successfully copy any securom protected cd let alone the latest versions.

Discdump was originally developed for the purpose of dumping images of safedisc protected cds, a job that it still does superbly notwithstanding all the further developments in safedisc protection since XiT ceased work on the program. When XiT ceased work on the program a bit over a year ago, the securom dumping mode was only in a beta (or perhaps an alpha) stage.

When discdump is used in securom mode it extracts a raw+16 byte image (i.e. a 2368 iso image) and, as stated in discdump’s readme, AFAIK there is no program currently available that is capable of burning such an image (though, possibly, discjuggler which I understand to be able to burn some non-standard image formats may be able to do so).

I tried discjuggler w/my fubar’d DDump image and it didn’t work.