UT2003 Disc 2

Disc 2 of UT2003 has no protection.

Maybe it’s a dumb question but which profile should i choose to make a perfect 1:1 copy in CloneCD?

If you are sure it has no protection then try the Data-profile :slight_smile:
The game profile should work too…

Clony and Yaps both say it has no protection.
Correct me if i’m wrong.

If i choose the “SecuROM New” or “Game CD” profile will things go wrong?

Try the Data profile first and if it won’t work then go with the Game profile :slight_smile:

It really does not matter which profile use as protection is out of the question. However, with CD that are not protected, I always use CD Mate cause I have never had a problem. I had a problem copying Return to Castle Wolfenstein with Clone CD once. The copy would run but would not install, then I used CD Mate and it installed and played.