UT2003 backup without using a fixed executable

First off, I own UT2003 and I am really stumped at trying to make a backup of my original.

There are 2 threads going on the CloneCD forum and in the Burning Software forum where people are claiming to have made a perfect working copy of UT2003 disk1. So far, from what I have seen and heard, I don’t believe it.

They seem to be confusing using a fixed executable with their copy as meaning they have a perfect working copy. This is not what I am interested in. I have been able to make copies of disk1 and install UT2003, only to be baffled by getting prompted for disk1.

So, please has anyone been able to make a perfect working copy of UT2003 disk1, without needing to use a fixed executable?
If so, how and what settings are you using?

Thank you.

Here is what I have used:

Reading The Disk:

Reader :

Liteon LTD-165H fw. CH0N

CCD Settings :

Data Read Setting :

  • Read speed: 8X

  • Read Subchannel from Data from Data Tracks Checked

  • Regenerate Data Sectors

Audio Read Settings:

  • Read Speed Audio 4X

  • Audio Extraction Quality Medium (Fast)

  • Read Subchannel Data From Audio Tracks Checked

  • Only Read First Session NOT Checked



Writing the Disk:

  • Writer LTR-4812W

  • Wrte Method : RAW DAO

  • Perform Power Laser Caliberation

Write Settings :

Only checked Always close the last session

Write Speed 8X

Medium Used : RICOH 700MB 32X Type 80

Method of Writing: On The Fly

Quelle = http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=50407

THANK YOU. I will try that.

where did u get the Liteon LTD-165H?