Ut 2004 Backup



hey all

I know that this has been asked millions or billions of times but searching the forums i couldnt find an answer or no one confirmed an answer.

heres my question
can any body tell me how to backup unreal 2004 using blindwrite v5 blind write tweaker and I already have the bwa’s for it. I have two drives on 2 different computers a toshiba and a msi they are both 2 sheep burners
im just asking wut settings do I put in blindwrite tweaker



Hi VG11489,

you want to backup the DVD or CD version? If it’s the DVD version it won’t work!


ok, follow MY guide:
take nero, make a normal copy without any special settings…
than, install the game, apply the newest free available patch from their homepage (www.unrealtournament.com)
take out the cd / DVD

(the patch removes cd / dvd - check…)


A working backup of UT2004 DVD is now possible with the newest BW5 (5.2) version together with latest versions of BW5Tweaker and BWABuilder !!!

Tested with Ricoh MP5240A and worked 100% !!!


In addition to be more accurate:

Basic settings in BWTweaker:
Turn decrypt on: yes
Include autoplay info: yes
Handle read errors: automatic
Subcodes for data + audio: always extract
Max. read + write speed: 4x

Writing topology: write with autoplay
Topology method: automaticd
Read topology: always extract

Select topology file:
my suggestion: make a *.bwa file of the DVD with BWABuilder !

Now start BW5 from BWTweaker and copy the DVD.

So, SecuRom 5 (DVD) should not be a problem anymore!


Team Havoc:

You say BWTweaker and BWABuilder are needed, but only give settings for BWTeaker. Are there any specific settings needed in BWABuilder?

Also, you reccommend “Max. read + write speed: 4x.” Is that CD 4x, or DVD 4x?



No specific options for BWABuilder. But you should tick “Remove spikes” under “options” and “Clean last loaded curve” under “file” after reading of topology is finished.

Max read and write speed is for both CD and DVD