UT 2003 doesn't start in Premium!

I made a backup copy of UT 2003 with Bw4 and Premium and it’s BWA! The copy starts correctly from my DVD drive but doesn’t work if i try to run it from Premium drive (it gives me an error)!
I checked the BWA and it’s ok!
Have i made the copy in a wrong way?

Ciao Venturer,

Stupid question, but did you hide the Atip?


Ciao Max! :slight_smile:

With securom 4.8 games there is no need to hide ATIP because ATIP check it’s not enabled (my WARCRAFT III TFT copy made with Premium starts even from CD WRITER too)!
However how can i be sure hide atip is enabled correctly? What program should i use for hide atip?

I tried" Chi vuol essere milionario 2 edizione" Securom 4.83.55.xxx and without Hide cdr it doesn’t start in the plextor premium… I used Alcohol 120.



Maximino72 is right. :bigsmile:

There are some Securom New-Games asking for the ATIP! You don`t need to Hide ATIP when using a burned game with activated Autoplay, but then -of course- Blindwrite oder Autoplay has to be installed on your PC in order to play the copy.

So in your case: Just use CloneCDTray to Hide CDR Media and then it works. Your copy is 100% correct.

To VSO-Team: Is there really no chance to “burn-over” the ATIP or something that way? I dont`t know where the ATIP is placed on the CDR, but if the writer is able to read the ATIP, why is it not possible to DELETE the ATIP?? If plextor premium is able to burn the density of sectors, it should also be able to burn in the ATIP Sector or am I wrong??



if you update to the latest patch of UT 2003 you don´t need any CD in your drive, because the copy protection has been removed.


I forgot this fact…


How can i enable HIDE ATIP using Blindwrite or Alcohol?
I don’t want to install Clone CD!

Ciao Venturer, with Alcohol it should be selected by default…you can check “Emulazione” and click on “Ignora tipo di disco”


Grazie Max! :slight_smile:

you are using bwa and getting a 1:1 copy mode and it still doesnt work? ive done and it works fine on all drives with and without atip. i do use Alcohol 120 to make a mds in high percision mode and convert it to a bwa file though and dont use the bwa builder to retrieve it (ie i load the mds and convert it to bwa using the same file name as the .bwt file).

if your using blindwrite 4 to hide atip …u need to check autoplay in the blindwrite config section …also if your using plex premium you can use plex tools and hide atip just for the plex … just to let ya know

also new blindwrite 5 it does autoplay by default which hides atip …