USPS Money Order



OK, this is a noob subject for me. I have Ebayed for about 4 years. I always accept only paypal and have had no problems thus far.

My son has his PSP with games on eBay now and someone has asked if I would accept a USPS Money order for the asking amount.

How do these work? Do I take it and just cash it at the post office and that’s it?? If it’s real done deal and if it were fake they would know on the spot?

Please Help me out here!



yes you take it to the post office…but first before shipping the game…i’d make sure that the owner had not filed a STOP Payment on the Money order…and for dang sure make sure its a United States Postal Money Order…

<had a bad expericence almost 2 months ago…i was the buyer on ebay and the girl took my money…she didn’t have a pay pal account and i was NOT sending her a personal check…so i am glad i chose the USPS money order…she never sent the stuff…and claimed she never got the money…well she did…and cashed it…now i’ve got charges for Mail Fraud…and Internet Crimes as well…


should be no risk involved. make sure you cash the money order before you send the items (could do this in the same transaction at the post office even)

i’ve done some sketchy internet deals with people i probably shouldn’t trust and i’ve bene lucky thus far. i’ve only had one problem with intentional fraud…little did the kid know that I would be in florida (from NY) within that week. he almost cried when i showed up with 3 or 4 of my friends asking where my money was (he had sent me an empty ipod box…instead of the ipod). he paid up, and thensome haha.

money orders are pretty safe, but i’d still wait to have the cash in hand before shipping the item


So now I know what to do to get you here eh? :wink:

On topic:
Don’t know this way of money transfer, but I’d make sure the money cannot be retracted.

With all this fraud going on, I personally don’t like to buy or sell online stuff…resulting in very new, unused items that just lie around here losing value every day…


sure…if you essentially want my very large friends to rob you and make some not so nice threats…


Not sure if this is true but I have read on other forums that this is the way to go seing as it is the United States Postal Service. If they try to make a fraud money order it would make it a Federal Offense.

Just make sure you get it cashed and money in hand before you send anything.


Thanks for the Advice from everyone, I appreciate it.