Using your moniter as a TV



I have my Playstation 2 hooked up to my computer and I play it off of my pc. The problem is I use PowerCinema 3.0 to play it but it does not alow me to get a full screen. So I have been trying to find other software that might open the Line in Video in things (Red , White , Yellow) I have been looking and I cannot find anything, or if anyone is familliar with Power Cinema 3.0 do they know how I could get a full screen on this. Thanks in advance


not an answer to your problem as such but i used to use a VGA box which allowed me to hook up my xbox directly to my monitor as apposed to connecting it through my PC, worked quite well, you could consider that.


Alright ill look into that, im just really steamed that I cannot get this to work lol.


Obviously it’s your software, I use an ATI card and their software and full screen isn’t a problem. I believe Win DVD will use the line-in and that has full screen option.

The VGA box converts an NTSC/PAL signal to RGB so the quality isn true 480P it’s actually “stretched” image. To obtain true Progessive scan (2 pass) which the Xbox can handle using the component cables (Red, Green, Yellow) you need either a video card that supports component imputs or an HDTV.

If you truly want the best quality I reccomend using an HDTV over a PC monitor since progressive scanning is superior to RGB + you get higher res and HDTV’s are bigger. I use a standard 27’ nothing fancy but it is far better than a VGA/SVGA monitor (CRT or LCD).


Thanks you know were getting someone how do I load up the line in things? I am pritty positive I dont go in my C: Drive or nothing. I have WinDVD. Just how do I load it up? My ps2 is pluged into my pc right now. :slight_smile: Ill be waiting for a reply Thanks alot man


I don’t have Win DVD on here, look at the configuration…you don’t want it set on DVD or CD, you want it set to “line in” or “Aux in” etc.