Using Winme need help with nfsmw

i still use windows me (takes to long to explain) and i am looking for something like sd4hide in order to play nfsmw anyone knows such a programm and can explain how to use that ? :> thanks ^^


Step 1: Get rid of ME.

Step 2: No, seriously. There’s no excuse. It’s not a matter of needing too long to explain it, it’s a matter of ME sucks the hairy nuts of a retarded goat. Get rid of it, and your life will be better.

i would do instant if i could… the problem is , that i CANT install any other windows OS no matter if its xp / 95 or 98 it does not work !!! i cant install it and i have no money to buy a new pc… so plz help me if someone can :>

Uhh… if ME runs on the machine, you can install a different OS. You just can. Seriously. Try solving THAT problem.

Tell us what pc you have and we could more than likely help you be rid of that poo. As Gurm said if you got one version running (especially ME) you can run another

welll i cleaned all of my harddisks and then i rebootet the pc joined ms dos and tried to install windows xp… the installing starts , but when it should start to install the windows os it stops and tells me : the harddisks are formated in a wrong way or something like that… and ´the installation stops

i have a “self” made pc with new part for example geeforce 6600 gt / athlon xp 2400 512mb ddr ram asus a7v8x mainboard onboard sound and a old harddisk maybe 2 years old

boot with the xp cd and run the partition manager when it asks if you want to, delete whatever partition is there and create a new one then format it.
Make sure you got all your drivers ready on cd or another HDD

hmm and you are shure it will work? if it will , i am going to format in the holydays ^^

ah and one more question : this manager is integratet in ne windows xp cd isnt it?

yes when it shows what partition to install windows too, instead of selecting install select delete partition by pressing “D” then confirm the deletion. When it comes back to the partition screen it will say “create new partition in the unpartitioned space” thats what you want to do

ok in my christmas holydays i will do that thx ^^ but till that time anyone knows something like sd4hide for winme :slight_smile: long time till christmas

tried ?

well i used each programm i was able to find there :> a friend told me you can download an emulator which pretends to be windows xo for your programms is that right? that would mean i have win me but sd4hide thinks i have windows xp