Using WinDVD Creator - sound out of synch



I used Pinnacle Studio 10 to edit two MPEG files (approx. 45 min each) and produced two MPEG files that tested well - sound was in synch with audio.

Then I used WinDVD Creator 3 (which I’ve been using for many months) to produce a DVD video (90 minutes) with a two scene menu.

When I play the DVD video (both before and after burning) it starts out with the sound in synch and then gets progressively out of synch. The sound lag approaches a second or so about half-way through the video.

Any suggestions?


Some authoring programs do not handle audio at all well, especially variable bitrate sources, when they’re remultiplexing and putting it all into DVD-Video format.

You can either separate out the audio again and convert to constant bitrate (search on tools), or try another authoring program that has a good reputation for handling these types of audio sources. I’ve used DVDStyler (freeware) and it’s never desynched anything yet.


Additional info.

I run the WinDVD Creator program on a separate stand- alone machine, no other applications running.

CPU 3.6 Ghz Dual processor with .99 RAM


I didn’t separate the audio. MPEG2 file in, MPEG2 file out of Pinnacle Studio 10 and the sound was in synch.

I’ve used WinDVD (versions 2 and 3) for two - three years and only remember one other time I had this problem.

How do you know if the source is variable or constant bit rate?


I’m downloading DVDStyler now. I’ll give it a try. Thanks.


I noticed (looking at the guide) that the output is an ISO file.

The WinDVD program outputs an AUDIO_TS/ VIDEO_TS file, which I am accustomed to burning (and viewing before the burn to check results).

How do I do that with an ISO file?


You can burn it with ImgBurn (freeware) in Write mode :slight_smile:

BTW I think any DVD-Video authoring program has to remultiplex the MPEG2 file, even if it was input as a whole to start with.