Using visionexpress 3 to go from PAL to NTSC

I am trying to use Nero VisionExpress SE to convert a Dvd Decryptor file from Pal to NTSC and burn to DVD, but the only option seems to go to VCD. Is the purchase of the DVD plug-in required? If so why?

there are way better apps to do that pal/ntsc conversion but here is a link to what you are asking about.

I do not get the Make DVD option on the menu, just Make CD. Your link refers to VisionExpress 2 my copy is VisionExpress 3.

nve 2 and nve 3 are pretty close to the same.nve 3 just has few extras in it.
ok,try this,open nero startsmart/make sure dvd option is set and not cd/click on favorites(it should be a yellow star icon)/then click “make your own dvd-video”.
That should take you where you want to go.

If you only have the make VCD format available, it is because your SE version of Nero Vision Express does not have access to the DVD-video plugin. I assume you recieved this version of Nero bundled with a recorder. Here are your options:

  1. purchase the DVD-video plugin.
  2. Purchase the retail upgrade serial number for Nero 6 Ultra Edition.

Both options will get you the plugin access but the 2nd choice will allow you to use Nero Digital H.264 as well as get you some freebies as priority email tech support and a free lame mp3 powerpack encoder that can be used for unlimited encodings.

Thanks, that answered my question.

no problem. Glad i could help.