Using verbatim 50gb on lg ggw h20l

[qanda]This thread is about the LG GGW-H20L. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]hello i have bought an lg ggw h20l

i am currently using verbatim blu ray disks 50 gb
i am currently using the free software imgburn (but i am open to suggestions)

i have noticed the following problems

1 even if i choose the 2x speed always, sometimes the drive burns at 1x speed
some sites on the web tell disable bd defect management, but i do not want to do so, and i do not understand why sometimes it burns at 2x and sometimes at 1x, using disks of same box
could it be caused by bad disks?
disks are readable anyway right now, but i do not want lose sleep about them

2 i have just found a software called nero discspeed, with the quality test it shows always, i repeat always, a couple of suspect (yellow) blocks at half disk, while the rest is ok (green)
the file anyway is fully readable
i would ask if it can be a signal of trouble or if it is normal
it seems at half where the drive change layer, it is right?

i would ask if there is a method for deciding if it is a faulty drive, bad disks, or a burning software problem

thx for attention

Halfed the burnspeed, because the defect management comes in. :wink:

hello thx for your answer

yes defect management

maybe what i said is not clear enough, i have said i know there is defect management

what i have said is also i always want use it, so i leave always it on

the question is: why some disks burn at 1x and some other disks burn at 2x, same box, same defect management?

should i trash these disks?

hoping the drive is not faulty

the second question was: nero discspeed is a reliable program for checking burnt disks? the yellow boxes it finds are real? if so, having used imgburn to write them, it is imgburn not reliable as writing software?

does someone know reliable programs for burning and checking bd dl disks?

(the recorder has latest firmware y05 as fas as i know)