Using USB Flash for PC lockdown!

Hello muchachos, thanks for the nachos [(“needs more garlic”) remember the scene in Croc Dundee w/ the iguana (ya wanna?)!~ boy am I full of it -no reply to that one would be gracious…gimme some grace, this is my 2nd post in two years, so I’m celebrating with my buudy Jack - Daniels that is. Anyway, I’m still getting around to answer, no - ask a question…How can I use a pocket carry flash drive to ‘lock’ up my pc unless I have it plugged into a usb port? Would be real cool if it would even prevent the pc from turning on! A few sources on the web offer some kind od solution for $30. Now, lest u aks for my pc build, i stuck it on my profile, but since I got it just a click away, let me give u the details:::: Ok - since it’s almost been a year to the day since I last logged on, and have accumulated some “braggin’rights”, I must confess to being the proud owner of a Gigabyte EP45-UDP3 - Dual Lan, Dual Bios (so you don’t kill it by ‘accident’ like I did with my GA-EP35); Intel Q8300 FSB-1333 Quad core processor @ 2.5Ghz, 2ea 500Mb Seagate Barracuda HDD in Raid 0 (don’t bother to "preload the HDD drivers along with OS - bunch of crap!); 1 ea 250Mb WD drive, partitioned to hold my OS and my Acronis separate; All programs songs, data, pics etc are on Raid - keeps the OS very clean, and helps thwart “infection”. Nvidia NX8600GT512E VGA w/ Physx, nTune, RivaTune…4GB GSkill 1066Mhz 5-5-5-15 memory, RTK-Azalia Audio, Logitech 3.1 sound with a smokin’ subwoofer, XP Professional, and MS Office 2007. Lemme see, did I leave anything out? Oh yeah, the custom light show visible through the plexiglass window I made on my mid-tower case. BTW - I learned most all this stuff the hard way; I like to “push the buttons”, and when it crashes, I have fun fixing it all - and yes, having an excuse to upgrade along the way! SO ennyway, your help would be appreciated, cuz im having a hard time crashing as I navigate the ‘Net’, and can’t seem to find thwe right search string to get what I need:Z 'scuz plse :cool:

PS - Check out the eye candy on the attached attachments! Way Cool! :bigsmile: