Using TY 16x in GSA-4160B

The place where I buy my TY discs are now selling 16x for the same price as the 8X. However after examining the media codes available on my GSA-4160B drive it seems that it will not be able to use the TY 16X discs, even with the latest 304 firmware. I am assuming if I put these discs it will not recognise them ad default to 4x burns … is that correct?

Is there any way I can use these discs at 16x, the supplier has both +R and -R discs?


The maximum burning speed for -R media on a 4160 is 8x, so -R is not an option. There is a YUDEN000T03 entry in the +R media table, but all columns are set to zero, so I doubt that they will be burned at 16x. You could swap the write strategy, but without a drive to scan the result this is not recomended.
You could also stay at your known good T02 disks and try to swap them to 16x.

LG has added 6x writing on 16x -R media to the 4120B with firmware A117 (before it was 4x with bad quality), so maybe A304 is not the newest one for the LG 4160B, and maybe it can use 16x -R media at least at 6x speed with firmware A306 :wink: