Using the DivX to DVDR guide and getting this error message

…“Couldn’t locate decompressor for format xvid”. :confused:

I get that error message when trying to load in the Xivd film to be converted. I know 100% that the xvid codec is installed because I done it 3 times last night!
I can also watch xvid films, they run fine!

DivX films are fine, they convert no problems…its just these xvid films.

Any ideas people?

TIA :wink:

* its ok now…I was using DVD2SVCD 1.1.2 Build 1.
I have gone backwards and am using DVD2SVCD 1.1.1 Build 2! Everything is now fine. Very strange though that the latest version doesn’t work on my PC*

Yep, many have found that problem also and doing as you did solves their problem to.

However, I’m running the latest 1.1.2 b1 and haveing NO problems converting Xvid or DivX (or anything actually) but then maybe I hold my mouth right :smiley: :smiley: