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Record companies are having a tough time making new friends these days as they toy with ways to restrict consumer use and distribution of their products. Amid sliding sales, mediocre new…

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Boycott the RIAA.

what about selling (second hand), exchanging those rights? who guarantees that in a few month the music-industry doesn’t tell us the rights were only for a limited time? will we be able to get user-rights for CDs allready bought? what about inhereting songs from your parents, grand-parents? will there be a one-household one-license policy?

You can keep your limited edition Kenny G postcards, just lower the cursed prices already! Isn’t it supposed to be basic economics that when sales slip, you lower prices to renew consumer interest? :slight_smile:

Great point! Yes, that’s the way economics is supposed to work, when the market is functioning properly. Here, instead, you have a cartel where each member effectively marks its price to the one set by the group (airlines and oil companies do the same thing). Instead of responding to economic signals, cartel members will try to leverage their market positions, running to Congress and the courts to try to eliminate the “competition.” That doesn’t sound like very good capitalism :4.

Gee all this added ‘value’ just sounds like more stuff I don’t want, and who’s gonna pay? you and me? I only want to buy the songs I want to hear, not the other gobbledegoop :r they think I need.

I don’t think even a donkey would chase this carrot…they still want ultimate control…let 'em crash and burn…:7