Using SUPER(tm) to Convert .avi DVD rip to .mp4 - sound is off!




I am trying to convert a substantial movie library from DVD .avi rips to .mp4. The problem I am having is SUPER recodes it OK, but the sound is off by a second or two (meaning someone’s lips are moving before you hear their voice). I believe the avi Rips were done with either .mp3 or aac audio.

I am attaching a screenshot of the settings I am using in SUPER. If anyone has any ideas I am completely open. All I want is my .avis to be .mp4 so I can play them on my Zune instead of my Vision W.





i guess no one has ever converted from avi to mp4.


I use a few programs that all do it fine, but there are many programs that will do this. I am sure a search will help you alot.:iagree:


my search came up with super and handbrake. handbrake sucks and super halfway works. what do you use?