Using Super new update

DVDnext copy would not copy a homemade video, so I’m using Super (new version) to convert vob file on disk to new file. Here’s the problem, when I try to select an output destination the file tree is greyed out and I cannot select any folder to import the Super render.
Any Idea where I messed up?

Hi DancingShoes.

The forum you originally posted in is for discussion of DVD neXt Copy and related products only so I’ve moved your post here to enable this to be discussed more freely.


If you’re trying to copy a home-made DVD you don’t need to decrypt it. I’d give ImgBurn a try. If that doesn’t work you may have a corrupt or unreadable disk, in which case ISOPuzzler may be able to read it.

Thanks for the help. I discovered the first radio button was preset to “select output process” instead of "select output container. This allowed me to choose a destination file for the render. I needed to convert the vob to avi inorder to edit a dance sequence. Then imported it into my video editor and everything is rosy. BTW I tried the Super forum, but it never loaded up. Is there really a forum?

I guess you figured it out.I hadn’t updated Super for a long time so when I saw your post I decided to get the latest version.
Right click on the Super GUI.Select "Output File Saving Management"
Then uncheck this;
"Save Each Output File In Its Respective Source File’s Folder/Directory"
That’s what fixed it for me.