Using sonydvd+ r blank disks rather using staples dvd-r blank disks for coping dvd movies on dvd next ultimate softwhare?

my quetion is i use my dell desk to burn movies from dvd movies using next copy ultimate soft whare and have been using staples blank dvd-r disks ,that seem to be ok most of the time ! now i am trying sony dvd+r blank disks, will thes be better? what is the diverence between dvd-r and dvd+r blank disks?
thank you,

It is hard to judge what you are using with the Staples brand dvds. Even if we knew the mid (manufacturer id) code on them, dvds come in all sorts of grades and the store brands can be good, bad or mediocre without many clues to which you will actually get.

Which is why we prefer brands that are more predictable. Sony is generally good quality, though you can find an occasional burner that doesn’t do well with them. We recommend Verbatim as a safe choice, and if you don’t mind buying online, you can get Taiyo Yuden blank dvds at stores like, and Newegg. Of the TY disks, I prefer their 8x +R disks.

As for +R and -R, there are some technical differences, but they aren’t extremely important ones nowadays as both types are supported in modern burners and players. Occasionally you’ll find an older player that prefers -R disks.

I tend to use +R personally, and if you want to use re-writeable disks, I’d recommend sticking to the +RW version, as they are superior to the -RW disks.

You can read more about the two types in our Blank Media forum.

dear kerry,
thank you for shaing your wisdom with me! i now will use name brand like sony dvd+r blank disks . i just bought 50 SPINDLE OF SONY DVD+R FOR $13.00 DOLLARS. I’LL KEEP YOU POSTED HOW THERE WORKING!