Using SIMA SCC-2 on 5005 but NOW

I have used the SIMA SCC-2 to get past the macrovision.
I recorded maybe 8 VHS tapes which turned out great,
but now, its faded terribly.
I am wondering if it messed up my 5005.

Before I ever used the SIMA the picture was vibrant and clear,
but now it seems washed out.

No matter what goes thru the 5005 now, either TV, tapes, DVD’s,
the color seems so faded.

Even recording and playback it isn’t as vibrant as it was before I used
the SIMA SCC-2.

Has any other of you fine people out there, used the SIMA, with or
without problems?

Or was this problem going to happen on its own, even if I never used the SIMA.

BTW I bought and used the SIMA SCC-2 before I knew you could hack the FW


Kurb; I have the Sima Copy This CT-1 and have used it before and after applying the hacked firmware. I have not observed any of what you mentioned. My machine is the 5005a U.S. built Sept. 04 and came with the 0090 Firmware. I upgraded to the 0098 from the LiteOn site by using the internal serial number in the setup menu. Also there is a Drive upgrade from LiteOn that I did at the same time. These upgrades improved playback of recorded DVD’s in other players and cured the Stopping problem while recording. I then did the hack for MV free. The Sima I have, would not remove MV from a VHS tape. There is a tool available on these forums that will do the hack for you. Look at some of the posts that talk about ILO/LiteOn Smart Hacker.
Regards; Pop’s

Mine is 5005a Jan 2004. It seems like the firmware is 0080, which I upgraded a week ago, and the site won’t let me upgrade from this one. It says I have the latest firmware on my recorder.

I am always seeing fw 90 and 98 but it seems that I can’t upgrade to that version.

Also I am wondering if I change the serial # from 0080 to say 0079 and get the download, which supposedly is the one I have already, and use that to hack the macrovision.