Using serial bridge on 1620?

This is my first post so bare with me. Has anyone tried to use the serial bridge to convert a 1620? I have a new Abit IC 7 max II Advance and the bridge was included. Maybe it will only work on HDDs???

You mean a SATA adapter I do have one but never bothered to try it with my 1620 it’s dependent on one or two things.

The SATA adapter must support optical drives, not all do but one’s based on a Silicon Image chip are a good bet but its no guarantee.
(The Abit branded SATA adapters are SI chips)

And if I recall correctly not all SATA controllers work with the above either however you have an IC7 MAX II and I had the earlier version IC7 MAX so you probably have the Silicon Image & Intel SATA controllers which “should” work.

If you get one of the Abit v2 SATA adapters that should do the trick I think…

I have used the generic SATA adapters ($15-$18) based on SI chips on IS-7G with mixed success. They work great for HDD on both SI an Intel SATA ports. With Optical drives I guess it depends on the drive. Worked great on DVD-ROM LiteOn 165 and NEC 3520. BenQ 1620 was recognized by BIOS during boot but would not show up in XP. Plextor 716A would show up and work as a reader however when I tried to burn to it it would have tremendous buffer fluctuatiuons it would go up to 100% and drop down to zero and back up again at the 2-3 sec repetition rate which made it pretty much useless.

The purpose of this adapter is strictly for freeing up an IDE channel correct? Or if there is no more left. The transfer rate is obviously NOT going to change.


Well, put my BenQ onto a Serillel2 (from Abit).

I have Abit’s NF7-S board so this might have helped.

Anyway, I dsiabled the RAID ROM in the BIOS (leaving SATA chip still enabled obviously). BOoted into XP and alls fines.

I’m stupidly formatting (the LONG format) a 2x DVD-RW…I hadn’t much luck with another DVD-RW till I rememebred it’s only crappy ole 1x!

I’ve also saved, successfully, to CD-RW. Haven’t tried any other formats yet (need to get either another demo of Nero OR a fully working version to test out DVD-Video)

PS Any way to chance the Video_TS structure into an ISO file OTHER than TMPENEnc? that way I’d be able to instantly test write a compilcation to DVD+R and see what happens.

My advice would be to put your hard drives on the Serial ATA bridge and move all your optical drives off to the IDE buses. Then you don’t have any compatibility problems, or shouldn’t anyway, and everything should run rather well. :slight_smile:

First, connect your BenQ to IDE-bus as suggested by Braxas.

Second, I should’t recommend you to erase or burn for that matter any DVD-RW with your BenQ at low speeds like 2x. This drive is not able to burn anything slower then 2.4x. You better get some 4x +RW´s if you like to use rewriteable media.

Use DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink for your movie copying. Googling will give you the answers.


Don’t worry I’m about two steps up from ‘newbie’ level…Hurrah!

I’ve got an assorted ‘suite’ of software to rip, edit and (well in the near future) burn (InCD is good for the time being using the +RW and -RW)

You’re indeed right about slow -RW media. It HATED it! Using the drag and drop utility was a pain (it would continue on writing and writing and writing…it’d be fine on read back in the MSI ROM but some of them weren’t copied across properly; notbaly a few avi (Xvid) files wouldn’t decode! They’d been “Sent to…” the drive. Pasting them meant they were properly wirtten.)

Below is a DVDInfo PIE/F test on a InCD formatted +RW. IT was filled with about 2.6GB of actual data and the rest must have been empty but written as ‘full’. It stopped at 91%…

It doens’t look TOO healthy, though it reads back OK (again has Xvid files and some random document files) on the laptops D56A (which is what I tested it on). Though, weirdly, the last file copied, an Xvid file, again seems to lack any MIME type (g-Spot codec info tool) thus refusing to play. Which is odd.

Media: Phillips 4x +RW

[PS also enclosed is a scan from another Phillips but this time written with VOBs from the SOny DVD home recorder; Seems better butnot by the hugest of margins! They both have problems round the 1.8GB mark. I apologise for fucked up graph scales! Oh and again the SOny drive nearly wouldn’t finish the test. Kept respinning for a wee while]

Also you can’t just move the boot drive across to the SATA channel…you DO need to reformat?
Finally I’m going to get rid of the MSI ROM since, with all 3(!) the 5V line was down to 4.91 and the 12V line down to 11.91. With only the NEC and BenQ it’s 4.97 and 11.97. Much healthier!

No reformatting is necessary.
It all depends on your BIOS. There is usually option for boot sequence there so that you can choose where to boot from first, like Floppy, CD, HD. Under HD it will let you choose which HD to boot from.
I have mine hooked up to onboard Intel SATA and set up as a boot, 1st boot HD in BIOS (after Floppy and CD), works like a charm.

Ah well, I’ll do it now.

What about the quality of that disc? Seems a little error-y!?

It’s on media thats been reqritten a few times in the standalone dvd recorder so that might have an impact on disc quality.

I still need to wait to get Nero to burn a DVD+R which will be of real interest.

Swapped boot HDD to SATA (had to reactivate RAID boot ROM).

It takes longer than usual to oot up now…maybe programs not understanding the channel move or something!

I’m reading a DVD+R burnt with the NEC and so far it seems to be free from any PIF. whic is nice. I’ve got Nero so I’ll burn another DBD+R and see what happens with the BenQ’s results.