Using SD Disk with Panasonic EH50

We have two Panasonic DVD recorders, model DMR-EH50.
Just recently I tried using an SD disk using the slot provided in the front of the machine, but for some unknown reason I cannot display any images.
I originally downloaded sample photo’s from the computer, direct to the SD disk and then used the SD disk in the Panasonic recorder but without success. The second Panasonic was the same, so I downloaded a small program from but still no luck.
I then used the ‘format procedure’ in the camera and again downloaded sample photo’s from computer but they would not display via the Panasonic recorder.
A member of the family is having a Digital Photo Frame viewer as a Xmas present so my wife and I would like to pre-prepare an SD disk of old family photo’s which are having to be scanned into the computer first…
Will be grateful for any help and advice.

Problem has been solved by local retailer.