Using 'Remove annoying adverts and trailers' option

Hi all. I recently ripped a movie with dvd decrypter, shrunk using dvd shrink (didn’t remove anything from movie), and burned using imageburn. When I play the backup, it jumps right to the movie, bypassing the trailers and menu. Anyone have any idea why it bypassed the trailers and menu?

From what I understand it doesn’t matter if the ‘Remove annoying adverts and trailers’ option is selected or not, that when you backup a movie it’ll copy everything unless you remove parts of the movie during shrinking, right? So why did it jump straight to the movie? Anyone have any ideas?

Hmm…Think I found my answer. If you backup a movie with ‘remove annoying adverts and trailers’ option selected, the movie will always start either from the main movie or title menu - depending on what you selected.

That is correct.