Using polls to indicate popularity of hardware?

Is it possible for the mods to implement sticky polls to indicate which particular hardware CD-R, CD-RW, DVD+RW, DVD-RW models that the users of Club CD Freaks currently own or wish they could own?

Threads such as which is the best so-and-so, would be dedicated to showing WHY such models are quote “the best,” while the actual sticky poll would show WHICH models are voted “the best.” This way, users would not have to dig through pages and pages of information in order to find out which product suited their needs & which products are most popular at CD Freaks.

(Of course, one would naturally have to be familiar with all the different kinds of models in order to make it a selection on a poll, and I definately do not know all the models.)

I know that I would definately purchase a DVD-ROM, or a DVD+/-RW drive that had the majority of votes, regardless of cost. Who want to toss away $200-$350 (US Dollars) on a product that most people do not agree to be “the best?”

Just a thought.