Using Plextools to evaluate burn

Would someone link me to a “how to” use plextool 2.19 to read and evaluate the quality of burned dvd media. I use Nero cd/dvd speed . I used the search option and didn’t turn up anything so please help the newbie out :bigsmile:

I am a new PX 716 user and have been burning Ricohjpn R01 's with good success and good burn results, but ordered some TYG02’s , does anyone have any good results to share? I was told this is the best media for the model drive, am i correct? Thanks in advance fellas.

read the manual on “how to” and read the stickies in the Media section here on how to evaluate quality.

regarding TYG02’s do some reading here in the plex section especially the “quality scans thread” and the “FW 1.04” thread…there have been NUMEROUS tests/scans done on this media, in particular by Zevia. he doesn’t share his thorough testing and analysis for nothing.