Using pathplayer with midnight special dvds

I have these midnight specials dvds and I want to get rid of these icons, like studio logos still pictures, fbi warnings so I can fit all or most on single layer layer disc without compresion. When I enable pathplayer ( only a couple of disk it will catch the fbi warning but most of them it does not. I can get rid of the stills and logos in customize setting. I have pathplayer enabled all the time but when I go in info general it states path player not enabled after it scans disk. am I doing somthing wrong? or is it the softwear

[QUOTE=ham bone;1957928]I want to get rid of these icons, like studio logos still pictures, fbi warnings[/QUOTE]

I’ve never used the “Remove annoying PGCs (like FBI warning)” checkbox in Full Disc mode, because I like to know what is being left out.

I always use Customize mode, and here DVDfab only allows you to selectively get rid of short clips like the FBI warning if they appear as separate titles. I know nothing about your midnight specials DVDs, but in general I find that 30%-40% of movie DVDs have the warning as a separate title. The rest have it embedded in another title, usually the main movie. I know there are other tools that will let you do what you want, but I’m afraid I am unable to help you with them. Do a search on something like “remove fbi warning” and see if there’s already something here about it. If not, post your question (without reference to DVDfab) in the main “Copy DVD Movie” forum.

I normally do main movie only with pathplayer disabled, but today I had a strange one. “Rush Hour3” loaded fine, but no movie only all the extras. Tried a couple of times, same thing. Enabled Pathplayer and it all loaded. 4 views of the movie. Did Main movie and it worked great. Tonight I’ve done several that would fit on SL at 100% and full disk, so I enabled pathplayer and checked remove the warnings and skip to main menu and they all worked fine.