Using Parallel Port with your CD Burner

Is this possible???
If so it would be great for a Laptop for a USB only does 4X.
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It is possible, there have been burners (and still are) that can be used on parallel port.

The maximum transferrate is of course much lower than when using IDE or SCSI, that is why parallel port burners can not write at high speeds.

External bruners that can be used at higher speeds are SCSI, Fireport (IEEE1394) or perhaps in the future USB 2.0

Would rather go for USB for its connectivity, you don’t need to reboot your system when you connect your external burner when the computer is already turned on.

I didn’t even know this was possible. At what speed can you write your CDs then, 0.5x? :slight_smile:

i’ve got a freecom 4x usb burner that has a decidedly paralell connection on the side… I think I saw when I originally purchased the item that you could get a paralell-paralell cable instead of the paralell - USB cable that is supplied - so I guess it’s do-able - although smarta$$ is correct - you’ll want USB for compatibility…


Use a firewire burner if you want an external one :slight_smile: or wait for USB 2.0. I have a X16 speed yamaha one.