Using PageSpeed may get your website blocked in China



We’ve just posted the following news: Using PageSpeed may get your website blocked in China[newsimage][/newsimage]

From our testing, Myce which uses the Google service PageSpeed is inaccessible from within China, but when PageSpeed is bypassed, the website is accessible. It appears that PageSpeed is affected by the Great Firewall of China in addition to other Google services such as Gmail.

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A very interesting piece of research.


So that’s why we haven’t had any good old Chinese spam lately…


^ That indeed appears to be the case. I went through the banned spammer table going back to September and there was just a single Chinese IP address, which registered over a year ago and recently spammed the forum using a US proxy based on its post IP address.


Why did you edit the hosts file instead of just putting the IP address directly in the browser ?


Our server hosts multiple domains (,,, etc.) so typing in the IP address results in the server issuing the default page as the browser does not provide the domain name to fetch. Our server’s default page basically says that the server is working and then automatically redirects to As a result, the browser would then do a DNS lookup on which resolves to Google’s Pagespeed IP and in turn would fail to load in China.

So by using the hosts file, the DNS lookup resolves by the hosts file to our direct server IP address, so when the browser fetches let’s say “”, the server knows that the browser is requesting that domain in the GET request (which an IP address alone does not specify) and delivers the webpage.

You can also try this yourself. For example, resolves to at this time of checking. If you type in into your browser (or just click this link), you’ll get an error page as Google’s PageSpeed does not know what website you’re looking for as Google’s server received a GET request for ‘’ intead of ‘’.


Ah, oK then, thanks.